LMR Fukutsuru 729T
CHR Shige 250T
Bar R 3P
FE MS Kitaguni 03W
FE Sanjirou 07W
FE Sanjirou 22W
LMR Toshiro 1/3 124X
LMR Kazuki 0128X
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    Full Blood Wagyu Cattle for Sale





    LMR Fukutsuru 729T    FB7480                                $35 per straw


    CHR Shegi 250T          FB7374                                 $35 per straw


    O W Itozurudoi 91Y   FB14054                                 $35 per straw 


    O W Yasufuku 42K 229Y  FB13141                           $55 per straw




    We are currently a little short on embryo.

    Please check in later.         





    Animal Name        DOB       Sire                Dam                       Price







    All animals have been tested they are all free of Band 3, CL16, CHS, F11.